A $50 donation scores you a ticket to my 50th (live head-shaving!) birthday party on September 13, 2011.

About the 50 for 50 project

the author and two WriteGirl mentees

A 50th birthday looms large. It is a not-insubstantial thing.

Yet what on Earth does one need when one is turning 50? Generally, you’ve acquired more than you know what to do with, and you’re trying to get rid of stuff. Plus you start to get itchy, what with all that accumulated knowledge and experience, and no one to listen to you as you’ve already yelled at them to get off your lawn.

So for my 50th birthday, I decided that my gift to myself would be raising $50,000 for my favorite nonprofit, WriteGirl. In 50 days.

You can read more about my big, emotional experience with WriteGirl on my blog, communicatrix.

Or you can just take my word for it, head straight to the IndieGoGo fundraiser page, and give generously. The only way I know you know how to do.

Have other questions about the project or how you can get involved? Email me: colleen AT communicatrix (and then that whole dot-com thing).

And thank you! I hope you have a happy, happy birthday, too!


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  1. [...] Havi Brooks shared Colleen Wainwright’s ‘50 for 50‘ site with her readers, and it is well worth passing along. The cause is wondrous, the interviews are awesome! Go read, enjoy, and support as you can! (To read the whys & wherefores of the project, go here.) [...]


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